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So, what about me? I’ve been taking photographs for about as long as I can remember, and some may say, that, given that, I ought to be better by now! It started with a Brownie Box camera, then progressed onto a Olympus XA2 during my early teens - great camera; still going - then my first exposure to an SLR, my Grandad’s Praktika (consigned to the loft now), complete with developing the films in the kitchen, and no real idea what I was doing!

My own first SLR was a Ricoh XR-X, another great camera, allowed me to discover the basics of controlling exposures and depth of field, then onto digital.

First digital camera was a Nikon Coolpix E5700, a brilliant camera, compact with control, almost unbeatable.

I then discovered the retro style of the Holga 120, Lomo LCA and Horizon 202 then a DSLR, another Nikon, D200. A truly great camera.

So, that’s me, if you’d like to comment, please drop me an e-mail. Thanks!


Update: As of November 2010, I achieved my LRPS distinction from the Royal Photographic Society . The successful Panel is shown here