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I like observational photography, actually, I like most photography; I love strong portraiture, I just haven’t managed to crack it yet, so I like observational photography because I can do it without having to interact with my subject too much, something else I haven’t cracked yet!


I’d love Cartier-Bresson to be right, that “decisive moment”. I know some people believe he staged it to get the image he wanted, but how cool would it be if he did photograph perfect moments?! That’s the observational photography that I like - capturing something that really happened, or really exists in a way that’s interesting, or using a treatment that makes it interesting.


A keen amateur I’ve done courses with Philip Dunn - check out his site and courses - I’ve found them invaluable and a great source of inspiration and support. Join his forum and take part.The other members are equally helpful and informative and a great resource for learning and improving.


Philip’s blog also provides tips and feedback - a couple of my images are featured, from one of my PhotoActive holiday courses organised by Philip.


I do enjoy photography and most of all I like the freedom of expression afforded by digital photography and editing software, the ability to see a shot, take it, knowing what you want to achieve and doing it.


And, following a prompt by a good friend of mine, I’m sharing the images I’ve taken...


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